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Marae to hold heart machine

A defibrillator will be available to the public from Arowhenua Marae within the next month.

In a joint venture, the marae and Arowhenua Whanau Services have agreed to purchase the life saving equipment so it can be used for emergencies at the school, marae and by the public in close proximity.

Though there are defibrillators in the township there are none near the marae. The $6000 machine is used for cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrests are caused by the heart being so far out of rhythm it quivers so it cannot contract, preventing blood and oxygen going to the brain.

The defibillator shocks the heart which restarts the beat in a steady rhythm. The best way for a successful outcome is for CPR to be administered until the defibrillator is attached.

Training sessions will be offered to anyone interested in learning how to use the equipment though it has voice prompts which make it easier for a novice to use.

As featured in The Timaru Herald