Our Purpose, To Provide a wide range of integrated services to all Maori and non Maori living within the Arowhenua rohe.

Primary Health Care

Maternity services

Community Dietician

A community dietician is available to discuss your dietary needs, who can meet you here in our health clinic or at home by arrangement.

Health Assessments

Health assessments are completed at the time of 1st consultation, followed up by a comprehensive consultation within 2 weeks of the 1st consultation. A care plan is then designed to prioritise your health needs.

Home health visits 

Our nurses can visit you in your home for convenience.

Screening & Referral

Comprehensive assessments will identify your health needs and our team can facilitate access by referral to other health agencies as appropriate.

Cervical Smears

Working with the National Cervical Screening team and Canterbury Health Promoters to provide free cervical smears to women aged between 20-70 years old. Cervical smears can be done in our 3 clinics or at home

Sexual Health Services

Confidential, comprehensive sexual health assessment.

Free Contraception

Comprehensive assessments and regular follow up and advice

Diabetes Checks

For those with diabetes or newly suggested by their GP that they may be pre-diabetic we can help you with understanding your health and what this disease means to you. 


We have a regular podiatrist clinic for assisting with people with diabetes to better manage their foot health.

Cholesterol Checks

We can undertake cholesterol screening and give you options to help manage your cholesterol levels.

Heart Checks / CVD risk Assessment

We can check your heart health and work with you to identify ways to reduce your chance of having a stroke or heart attack.

Advice on Medication

Informative advice, on prescription and non prescription medicines

Health Education & Promotion

We run regular Wananga, to inform whanau of up to date medical care and information relating to health issues such as dementia, diabetes, wahine and menopause, tane and youth health, drugs and alcohol, heart disease etc

Flu / HPV Vaccinations

Annual free flu and HPV vaccinations are offered to all eligible clients.

Children’s Immunisations

All registered children are followed up and offered childhood vaccinations according to our NZ childhood immunisation schedule.

Enduring Chronic Illness Management

We will assist you to understand your long term health and any limitations this may bring. We will support you to reach your optimal health through education and an integrated health approach.

Liaise with patients GP/ Patient/ Advocacy

Working alongside your GP, for best practice and outcomes

We can advocate on your behalf or refer to you to an appropriate advocacy service

Referral for Mammography

Working with the National Breast Screening Programme and Breast Screen South we can refer women aged between 45-69 years to mammography for free screening. Our Primary Health Nurses can also assess and advise on breast disorders.

Blood Testing

Our Primary health nurses are trained in phlebotomy and can take your blood at any of our clinics or at home if convenient.

Wart & Verruca Removal

Assess and treat common warts with Liquid Nitrogen - FREE

Wound Dressings

We are ACC providers, and can assist you with immediate wound care, post trauma. If your wound is complex we can ensure you are referred to the most appropriate help promptly.